Jesse Dandelion is a gentle balladeer who’s crooning slapback bounces over chimey chords that bring a sting of melancholy. String sections, a cacophonous blend of noise, and heavily layered vocal harmonies push accessible pop hooks into more psychedelically complex and intriguing harmonic territory.

As heard through an underwater radio, wispy and familiar, lo-fi drum machines plod along to a battery-powered memory, strengthened by an acoustic guitar's nostalgia of once being a tree. 

Relocation from the forests and fields of western Canada to the city of Toronto marks Jesse Dandelion’s 2020 with a timely reinvention through the upcoming record “Onion Knight” produced by Thomas D’Arcy (The Sheepdogs, NOBRO, Yukon Blonde) 

The band has been very active in Western Canada with success on CBC and campus community radio, as well as great opening slots for bands like Hollerado, Said the Whale, and July Talk. Highlights have included a two-week tour of Japan, showcases at Breakout West, JUNOfest, Sled Island, and over 100k Spotify spins for True Blue through the inclusion of the song on Spotify’s Modern Psychedelia Playlist.

Jesse Dandelion has their sights set on touring Canada, Germany, and Japan for 2021 and a strong focus on the next manifestation of creative pop songs presented on Onion Knight.


Jesse Northey 2016 hi-res